At Myrtle Construction we constantly strive to meet and exceed all of our client’s expectations during the entire purchase and building process of your new home. We will attempt to make the entire process a pleasurable and stress free experience.

In order to provide quality assurance, we perform a number of inspections before, during and after the building process. Please see below for a complete overview:

  1.  Pre-Construction Meeting
  2.  Pre Drywall Meeting
  3.  Pre Closing Meeting
  4.  Ninety (90) Day Post Closing Inspection
  5.  Eleven (11) month Post Closing Inspection

Pre-Construction Meeting

We will meet with you prior to the commencement of the construction of your home and review the locations of the property boundaries of your lot and the location of your home within the “building envelop” of the lot. We review the “Plot Plan” with you in the field to make sure you are satisfied with the location of your future home.

As part of that meeting we also review your Contract to confirm all of the features, optional upgrade choices, and colors, locations of phone and TV jacks etc. to make sure we are “all on the same page”.


Pre Drywall Meeting

After framing, rough electrical and plumbing is complete we conduct a field meeting with you to inspect the framing, plumbing, electrical and outlet locations throughout the entire home before we proceed with the insulation and sheet rock. This gives you an opportunity to see what is “behind the walls” and confirm everything is installed and in its correct location.


Pre Closing Meeting

We will inform you that your home is complete at which time we will schedule a meeting with you to inspect every detail of the home. We will review all of the components of your home and provide instructions on “how to” care for and maintain your new home. We will also provide you with your “Owner’s Manual Binder” at that time. If there are defects in workmanship, we together will prepare a “Punch List” of any items that need to be addressed prior to closing. We schedule this meeting approximately five (5) business days before closing so we can complete all the “punch list” items before you move in.


90 Day Post Closing Inspection

Ninety (90) days after your closing we offer you an opportunity to submit another “punch list” of any items you may have missed during the Pre Closing meeting. This gives you an opportunity to experience living in your home for three (3) months and identify anything else that needs to be addressed. In order to operate efficiently we request that you hold any or all of your post-closing items for ninety (90) days and we will address them all at once unless there is a safety issue. If there is a safety issue/emergency, we will respond to immediately to correct the situation.


11 Month Post Closing Inspection

We provide a one (1) year home owner’s warranty on the entire home. We therefore give you another opportunity to submit a “Punch List” before the builder’s warranty expires.


Horry County Code Enforcement Inspections

In order to comply with Horry County Building Code Enforcement the county performs the following construction “in field” inspections. Each phase of construction must pass inspection BEFORE we are allowed to proceed to the next phase. Below is an overview of the Counties Inspection schedule

      • - Slab and Plumbing / Temporary Power Pole
      • - Slab / Pre Wire Electrical / Footers etc.
      • - Wall Sheathing Nail Pattern
      • - Exterior Doors and Window Flashings
      • - Complete Rough In (Trades) and Framing
      • - Insulation Installation
      • - Final Electrical (OK to Power up the Home)
      • - Certificate of Occupancy /C.O. (The Home is Complete and meets All Building Code Standards)


    • It is estimated that on average there are approximately twenty-nine thousand (29,000) components to building a home. As you can see our responsibilities are numerous and great as we strive for perfection. However, since nobody is perfect we have put in place a number of "checks and balances" to come as close to perfection as we possibly can.