Rinse and Repeat

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Your bathroom is one of the most important places in the entire house, and yet a place hard to make decisions about. Baths, showers, toilets, sinks, mirrors, and ventilation are all difficult to install anywhere. Now apply that to the usually cramped space of a bathroom!


It’s the most important space to keep clean, but it’s also the hardest to clean and the easiest to get messy. You spend a lot of time in there doing dirty work, but when guests come over it needs to be absolutely spotless!


When you’re getting a home built, what you do with your bathrooms is the kind of decision that demands to be done perfectly right the first time around. That’s why Myrtle Construction is here to offer you prime advice for how you should handle the biggest sanctuary in your house.


Cleanliness is Next to Godliness


By far the biggest fixture in the whole of your main bathrooms is the bath, shower, or both! Redoing one of these is a major, messy headache, so you want to get it right the first time around.


Conventional wisdom would say that a lavish, relaxing bathtub is a good option and a major selling point - and in the past, it definitely was. However, currently most Americans are opting away from the bath and see tubs as nice but seldom used. Over half of those surveyed now tend to say they exclusively take showers. It’s easy to see why - they use much less water, are much faster to take, and require less stored up hot water.


The answer to which solution to get, especially thinking ahead to selling your home in the future, is who you expect to buy the house, and how important a tub is to you. Families with younger children and more money tend to prefer large, luxurious bathtubs, whereas singles, lower income individuals, and the elderly are more often in favor of showers.


Many ordinary homes use a shower/tub combo to save space - some, with more spacious bathrooms, opt to have both a stall and a tub together. The tub is generally falling by the wayside, but if you have a larger house, it’s a safe bet to at least make sure one bathroom has a tub.


Don’t Rush the Flush


Every toilet in your house is probably going to be seeing use many times a day, so you shouldn’t neglect to do some research before you buy.


There are a lot of fancy, high-tech options for toilets, but unless you and everyone who’ll buy your house can shell out for replacements to it, it’s best to stick to simpler options. Modern low-flow gravity-fed toilets are about as effective and efficient as you can get these days.


A simple but high-quality commode is about as good as you’ll get for the vast majority of purposes. Nowadays you’ll also see pressure-assisted toilets that use an internal pump to more forcibly flush, but these are expensive and have a downside of making an immense amount of noise - troublesome if you have to use it while others are asleep.


There are other options too, like taller or longer toilets that are more comfortable and more accessible to the disabled, but take care with these, especially in confined spaces. Longer bowls in particular can get in the way of opening cabinet doors if one’s not careful!


Of course, there are many other aspects to a successful bathroom than just the toilet and shower, but these are the main fixtures you’ll be most concerned about. That’s all we’ll talk about for today, but stay tuned to this space - Myrtle Construction knows all the ins and outs of quality bathrooms, and soon we’ll follow up about sinks, flooring, walls, and so much more!

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